Fathering Children With Alien Beings? Now This Is A New One!

“What? Having sex with aliens and begetting, not one, but hundreds of babies?” Had it been any other person, he would have become a laughing stock for this claim! But, David Huggins, now 74, commands attention. This is because this part-time deli worker in New Jersey describes the ‘encounters’ so calmly and methodically and in such great details that one is left wondering.

Huggins asserts that not only has he fathered hundreds of babies with his alien lovers, but he also lost his virginity to one when he was only 17! According to him, his extraterrestrial lovers belong to a community of aliens, who have been visiting him since he was an eight-year-old boy.

David Huggins holds his painting of aliens. (Love and Saucers/Curator Pictures)

It has been just five or six months when he has had his umpteenth intimate encounter with that ‘being’ in the ‘other’ realm. He says he has visited this ‘other’ realm a number of times with these ‘beings’ but fails to describe it with any accuracy or clarity.

In real life, Huggins is divorced and has a son from his human wife. However, the alien children he sired during the last seven decades of intimacy remain in the other realm and he has no contact with them.

David Huggins holds his painting of aliens. (Love and Saucers/Curator Pictures)

That his bizarre claim, which he recounts with great conviction, has been taken seriously is borne by the fact that it has been turned into a documentary titled ‘Love and Saucers’. This documentary, made by film director Brad Abrahams, came about when he heard about Huggins and his fantastical claims in a podcast.

David Huggins holds his painting of aliens. (Love and Saucers/Curator Pictures)

When Abrahams met Huggins in person, he was impressed by his simplicity. Says he, “You’re immediately disarmed by how down to earth and normal he seems. He’s from a small town in Georgia in the 1950s and sort of soft-spoken, simply spoken, doesn’t really muse on things, just tells you very matter-of-factly the most ridiculous or surreal of claims.”

Abrahams further adds, “…hearing these things come out of the mouth of someone who seems so, so normal and sobering, the way he talks about it is a real dichotomy. Like I said, it disarms you and it leaves you open to actually just listening to him as another human being, not, as one might think, of a quack or a charlatan or someone who’s unbalanced. Because right away you see that he’s not, and you just tend to take him more seriously and the story more seriously.”

David Huggins holds his painting of aliens. (Love and Saucers/Curator Pictures)

If Huggins is right about his claims, he has got a hell of a task trying to describe these extraterrestrial beings and his experiences. But, he seems to have found a medium to convey what he has experienced. And that medium is his paintings. Till date, Huggins has painted over 100 paintings that attempt to describe these experiences. His works also include the painting of an alien woman he calls Crescent.

He is certain that he is not the only one who has had this experience with the extraterrestrial beings. According to him, there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of people the world over who have undergone or are undergoing such experiences.

Painting by David Huggins. (Love and Saucers/Curator Pictures)

Huggins keeps all his paintings in his three-story home in Hoboken. The documentary film features these paintings and records him recounting his other-worldly experiences. Huggins hopes that the film ignites a dialogue and opens up the minds of people.

So how does Huggins react to the disbelieving and sceptical people about his other-worldly experiences? He says, “I’ve never asked anyone to believe a word I say, because I know I can never prove it.”

Via: Dailymail

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