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With Plastic Film As His Canvas, This Artist Spray Paints Animals In Their Natural Habitat

If you ever encounter the art of Evgeny Ches in a dark forest, it can leave you cowering in fear! What this unique artist does is to stretch an industrial strength plastic film between two tree trunks and then spray paint on it to create a variety of both life-size and larger-than-life animals.

This amazing technique, that the terms as Cellograffiti, gives the appearance that the animal is actually standing between the trees. His animal creations can give the creeps to even the bravest of the brave if viewed from a distance! Since it is so real that it can even bring the dinosaurs to life!

This doesn’t come as a surprise, since Ches is a trained graffiti and contemporary artist from Moscow, Russia. He is a real fan of wild animals – both the mild and the ferocious kind.

Ches graduated from painting graffiti on walls and other places to a more natural environment that depict animals in their natural habitat. He revels in spray painting ferocious animals that not only include prehistoric animals, but also the present-day ones, such as an attacking polar bear. His other creations depict small animals in larger-than-life proportions, such as squirrels, rats and the like.  

According to Ches, his kind of art is a very ‘natural’ fit and can be practised anywhere, without having to look for a fence or a wall. His Cellograffiti is already adding to the excitement in the social media, as a unique way to embrace nature.

evgeny ches graffiti image 1
Image Via: Evgeny Ches

evgeny ches graffiti image 2
Image Via: Evgeny Ches

evgeny ches graffiti image 3
Image Via: Evgeny Ches

evgeny ches graffiti image 4
Image Via: Evgeny Ches

evgeny ches graffiti image 5
Image Via: Evgeny Ches

evgeny ches graffiti image 6
Image Via: Evgeny Ches

Evgeny Ches

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Written by Deepak Mehla

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