Embroidery Artist Creates Unique Embroidery Pendants in Beautiful Designs

Erin Essiambre is a master in the art of embroidery. Her delicate hand embroidery offers some breathtaking designs that are both traditional and contemporary. However, she has not limited herself to hoops but has created stunning embroidery jewelry, too. And she has honed this art to perfection.

Essiambre’s embroidery art became viral once she posted it on Instagram with the title Salt Water Stitches. Today, she enjoys a fan following of over 70,000 on her page. What’s more her designs, both nostalgic and funky, involve minimal steps of three to four simple stitches and include flower-power-themed floral landscapes, as well as midcentury modern landscapes. Her embroidery art adorning flared jeans and tasseled jackets certainly grabs eyeballs.

Essiambre’s retro yet modern style showcases the designs of the 70s. This style came about from a simple design of a black and white outlined figure, which was later called ‘Retro Girl’. She shares on mymodernmet.com, “The more that I leaned into the retro style and tones of the 70s, the more I felt like I was starting to find my own unique style!”

What inspires this Nanaimo, British Columbia-based embroidery artist, she explains on mymodernmet.com, “I find inspiration from everywhere, but mainly from music and fashion. When I listen to Fleetwood Mac or ABBA, I like to try and transfer the way that their music makes me feel into an embroidery design!”

However, the icing on Essiambre’s cake is her unique embroidery pendants. Although she had always wanted to create wearable embroidery jewelry, making embroidered pendants was no cakewalk. She explains on mymodernmet.com how she turned her designs into wearable art, “…At first, I tried to embroider my more intricate designs on a pendant which didn’t prove successful as the space on a pendant face is much smaller. I began to play with the idea of just taking my favorite aspects of each design and translating it to a pendant which is the way I still come up with new pendant designs to this day!”

After creating the initial design and stitching, it takes Essiambre a few hours to finish a pendant. Her creations can be bought from her Etsy shop.

Erin Essiambre

Instagram | Etsy Store

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