Meet the Tallest Professional Model in the World

When you have grown to a height of almost seven feet, what do you do, besides feeling awkward? Ask Ekaterina Lisina, a Russian, who is a whopping 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 meters) tall. Her natural choice was to become a basketball player. But that was not all, this pretty woman not only hit the Russian basketball team but later became a professional model, bagging two Guinness World Records along the way!

how tall is Ekaterina Lisina in feet and inches

Lisina holds two Guinness World Records – one for having the longest legs that measuring 4 feet 4 inches (1.32 meters) and the other for being the tallest professional model, touching 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 meters). However, her longest leg record has been broken by a US teenager, Maci Currin. She also holds the Russian record for having the largest feet that measure EU 47/ US 12 size.

It was natural for this exceptionally tall girl, who was born in Penza Oblast in Russian SFSR, the Soviet Union to have tall parents, to become part of the Russian basketball team. She played from 2006, participating in European Championships, World Championships, and Beijing Olympics in 2008. She finally hung her boots in 2014.

However, it was not the end of the road for this 34-year-old tall, gorgeous woman with a curvaceous figure and attractive face. Today, she is a professional model pursuing a fruitful modeling career with a net worth of $4.5 million and successfully paving her way to stardom. She is currently based in Krasnodar, Russia.

According to Lisina, her height does impact her romantic relationships. In her conversation with Alexis Texas on her podcast ‘Private Talks’ mentioned on, she said, “You know those problems when you like a boy but he’s much shorter or you like a tall boy but he doesn’t want to be with you because you are too tall for him.” She adds, “…I think the most important thing is chemistry and a spiritual connection… If there is no spiritual connection and even if you like how the person looks it’s not going to work anyway.”

Lisina enjoys a huge fan following on the web and has over a million followers on Instagram alone.

Ekaterina Lisina

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