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This Amazing Artist Sets Realistic Dioramas That Depict Scenes From His Own Life

Remember playing with diminutive figures in your childhood? Well, Eddie Putera does just that; only he is 51 years old! Jokes apart, this Malaysian artist is an expert in depicting scenes from everyday life through his miniature figures and models.

Combing miniature art with photography, Putera sets up some incredible real-life scenes. The most hard-to-believe fact is that all the objects used in his dioramas are handmade by him and not a product of real-life still photography.

Of course, crafting miniature figurines and models so meticulously takes time. Putera, at an average, takes about a day or two to complete his less complex works, but his more complex renderings may take up to a week to complete.

Putera’s depiction through dioramas tells a story that become instantly apparent the moment you lay your eyes on them. His inspiration is his own life lived under various circumstances. Some of his miniatures relive the moments from his past that he has extracted from his memory.

Putera loves to explore the history and context of his subjects for his works. He relies on his family’s inputs or his own memory to recollect the scenes that are no longer in existence in the real world. 

Putera uses a variety of textures and objects to make his dioramas as realistic as possible. But, he does not keep his creations to himself, but openly sells them to people who buy them as gifts. He is also open to requests from his followers and admirers. He once met a customer’s desire to recreate his grandfather’s village and his old Volkswagen car with such accuracy that the customer’s grandfather shed tears of joy seeing this diorama.

Putera’s painstaking efforts and his outstanding works has done much to bring him under the media glare. Today, he enjoys a sizeable following on the social media.

Image Via: Eddie Putera

Image Via: Eddie Putera

Image Via: Eddie Putera

Image Via: Eddie Putera

Image Via: Eddie Putera

Image Via: Eddie Putera

Image Via: Eddie Putera

Image Via: Eddie Putera

Image Via: Eddie Putera

Image Via: Eddie Putera

Eddie Putera

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