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Dresses Made From Vegetables, Fruits And Flowers Makes Stefani An Instagram Sensation

If you think greens and fruits are for healthy eating and flowers are to take delight in, you need to meet Alya Chaglar and her three-year-old daughter, Stefani. Chaglar literally makes her daughter pose dressed in vegetables, fruits and flowers!

Image: seasunstefani/Instagram

Chaglar, an oil painter, makes use of her creative mind to showcase her unique ‘art’ in the form of some amazing photographs in which Stefani appears dressed up in fresh and real vegetables and flowers. These photographs are currently the rage on Instagram and has made Stefani an instant star.

Image: seasunstefani/Instagram

Although Stefani appears to be dressed like this, in reality it is her mother’s deft use of the power of perspective that creates such unusual snaps.

What she does is to make Stefani stand in a certain pose and then she holds a real vegetable, fruit or flower at just the right distance and position in front of the camera, superimposing the item on Stefani to make it appear as if she is dressed up in that particular food item or flower.

Image: seasunstefani/Instagram

Chaglar’s edible antics started out as fun, but the moment these ‘crazy’ photos appeared on Instagram, Stefani became an instant sensation with a following of over 22,000 fans.

Image: seasunstefani/Instagram

As of now, Stefani has posed ‘dressed up’ in innumerable vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage, green chillies, red paprika, and many others.

Image: seasunstefani/Instagram

She has also posed with fruits, like melon, bananas, papaya, cherries and others, not to mention a large number of flowers and leaves. The fans wait with bated breath to see what Stefani will be made to ‘wear’ next!

Image: seasunstefani/Instagram

Chaglar certainly takes pains in ‘dressing’ Stefani in these items, as can be seen by the designer cuts on her glamorous edible dresses and skirts. Her creativity makes Stefani look most adorable, the reason why people take an instant liking to her photographs.  

Image: seasunstefani/Instagram

While normal children play with food and pluck flowers, Stefani dresses up in them, thanks to her mother’s ingenious photography.  

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