Dreams Of Old: A blog about how Betty works with old books and what she makes from them.

Betty Pepper is a book artist who makes her work out of pieces of damaged and discarded books. She takes them in, listens to their tales of woe, and gives them a new raison d’etre.

Betty Pepper is a salvager, a recycler of stories. Betty has restored books by repairing torn pages and water-damaged spine edges. She has also created new volumes from pieces of discarded books that had found new life after she gave them a fresh start.

While Betty Pepper’s work is called “Book Art”, it is really more a form of applied art. Books are not just images on paper, they are also a form of writing, as well as objects of decoration. Working with the damaged and discarded parts of the book gives her an opportunity to create new things with those materials, bringing them to life anew in her own hands.

She is a bookbinder, singer, and poet. She has worked with the Royal College of Art in London where her work has been shown in the UK and internationally. Her method of working involves taking torn-up books, old photographs, and whatever she can find to make new objects.

Betty is a Canadian artist. She specializes in creating literature, posters, and neon sculpture. The work of Betty Pepper has been exhibited in Canada and the USA.

It’s really hard to discuss the art of Betty Pepper without sounding like you’re over-explaining it. The artist has been making tiny houses for many years, and she does it with a level of detail that leaves us searching for the right words to say about her work. The miniature worlds of Betty Pepper can seem like a series of haikus or poems but they are so much more than just a series of vignettes in word form. And her work is so much more than just tiny houses—it’s a way of seeing the world through a very specific and unique viewpoint, a viewpoint that can be appreciated by everyone regardless of their individual background or cultural influences.

If you have an old book & you no longer want or need it but wish could be useful, contact her.

Betty Pepper

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