Dr. Dot Literally Sinks Her Teeth Into Celebrities And They Simply Love It!

Animals bite. And we know for sure that some humans bite each other too, when in the raptures of lovemaking and end up giving each other, what are called the ‘love bites’! But, biting people as part of a massage session? Sounds weird, doesn’t it! Well, this is the stuff that makes this world an interesting place to be in!

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Meet Dorothy Stein, who was baptized Dr. Dot by the great Frank Zappa himself. She is into celebrity biting! Not of the bitchy kind behind their backs, but of the massage therapy kind. She is an innovative celebrity masseur and a massage therapist, who has honed her biting skills to make the celebrities scream for more!

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Of course, biting would stand for instant disqualification in regular spas, but Dr. Dot has honed this biting thing to an art that provides oh-so-relaxing deep-tissue massage, making celebrities return for more.   

Dr. Dot did not start out as a massage therapist. Almost three decades back, she was, like any normal girl, a big music fan. To meet the celebrity rock stars backstage without going the ‘couch’ way, she hit upon the idea of massage. Today, she markets herself as ‘rock-n-roll masseuse’.

When she was only 15, her first client was Def Leppard, whom she gave her first rubdown in return for concert tickets. Amazingly, this trick worked and from 1983 to 1994, she saw over 3,000 rock concerts for free, giving her trademark rubdowns. Little wonder her ‘bite method’ became popular, making her an instant ‘backstage massage celebrity’.

So, what does bite massage therapy involve. According to one celebrity, “it feels kind of nice, a sort of wet pinching sensation along my spine, and she always asked before doing the taboo regions and didn’t leave any bite marks.”

Dr. Dot bite massage continued to get returns in kind, till Charlie Watts insisted on paying cash. He became her first paying client and this motivated her to turn professional. She joined a massage school and got a license, while at the same time building upon her celebrity clients and hiring like-minded staff.

She only takes celebrities as her clients, but her team, that number over 600 and called ‘Dot Bots’, deliver bite massage to all kinds of clients anywhere in NYC. They charge $150 per massage till 10:00 pm, after which the rates go up to $200 till midnight. Past midnight, the clients have to shell out $250.   

Dr. Dot puts it quite nicely, when she says, “We’re the pit bulls of massage.” Seeing how she and her team go for their clients with bared teeth, we certainly believe her!

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