Get Yourself Replicated In Polymer Material Via Doob 3D Technology

Forget selfies, selfie-stick selfies, and even drone selfies, there’s a new technology on the block. And it’s doob 3D. This technology creates your photo-realistic 3D printed replica with all minute details! Doob is the brainchild of a full-service 3D company, founded in Dusseldorf, Germany.

With doob 3D technology, you can create a detailed four-inch-tall figurine of your body, like a 3D selfie. What goes into creating this tiny piece of you is a mind-boggling technology that uses a room-size scanning booth, called ‘doob-licator, fitted with 54 DSLRs, a complex 3D modeling pipeline, and a full-color 3D printer that costs in the range of $80,000!

The craze for getting doob-licated is catching up, with people thronging the booths to get their replicas. For instance, doob-licator in Chelsea Market, New York, saw about 500 customers during the winter holiday season, most wanting to doob-licate their pets. Such is the rush for getting replicated that you’ve to stand in a line for your turn. However, you can also book an appointment in advance.

The procedure for getting doob-licated is simple. You just need to step into the booth, strike a pose and doob captures your images in all its sophisticated cameras creating a full-body scan. All it takes is a fraction of a second. Once the scanning is completed, the 18-megapixel images are then fed into the company’s proprietary software that creates the 3D model.

The next important step in the printing process. The 3D Systems’ ProJet 660Pro, a high-resolution 3D printer, creates full-color replica using polymer material and a full range of CMYK colors. It does all this at the top speed of 1.1-inch per hour. Even to create the smallest-size replica, the process may take a few hours and may involve thousands of layers of powder; for larger sizes, it may take more than a day.

The company is open to doing all kinds of replicas, even nude ones. They’ll even retouch large scars but won’t improve the figure by removing your pot belly or filling up your bald spot. Of course, unlike a selfie which is for free, a doob replica costs $95, but that’s what most ‘Star Wars’ action figures cost. However, if you want a life-size replica, be ready to shell out upwards of $75,000!

At present, eight doob-licators are functional around the world: Dusseldorf, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and New York City. The company plans to add more in the US.

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