Don’t Know How Bad Your Feet Smell, Then This Invention is Just for You!

Have you ever thought how bad feet odour could be? I guess you would know it, if even your dog gives weird response to the smell of your feet.

It’s an embarrassment! No doubt, but Kyushu , a Japanese company have came with solution by providing you a cute invention, named Hana.

Image Via: Youtube

Hana is robotic dog that is programmed with features which let you know the level of your feet odour by responding in a very cute manner. Her level of response varies with tolerance level of smell, it could cuddle your feet if smell good or bark at you for their foul smell. Worst could be it would just faint or pass out if the smell is bio-hazardous!!!

Kitakyushu mayor, Kenji Kitahashi whose socks had also been judge by Hana at a trial demonstration describe Hana as “a wonderful idea to blend robots into civic life.” 

Hana is a noble idea because nobody would want to experience the foul smell of others feet or even their own but as far as cost is concerned, it is still a kind of Doraemon’s category invention, so there’s long way to go when you can see Hana in an average household till then be brave to experience the smell of nature.May be by that time we could see this invention with some advance feature like a built-in deodorizing spray as hoped by NITkit and Next Technology.

Via: Rocketnews

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