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This Super-Mom,Having A Finger In Every Pie, Admirably Balances Her Work And Family

This mom wears many hats. When she’s not creating art out of the litter found strewn around, she’s posing with her daughters wearing matching dresses, making faces and doing fun things together! And when she’s not doing these, she’s speaking at PI live or writing her blog, where she’s dubbed as ‘mommy influencer’.

Dominique Davis literally has a finger in every pie. But what is most amazing is how she balances both her work and family. Being named the Lifestyle Influence of the Year and awarded the Northern Blog Awards, 2018 was the high point in her career.

Art out of the litter:

Once when Dominique was out on a Malaysian beach with her family, the extent of litter strewn on it appalled her. She along with other members of her family went on a cleaning spree and, in about half-an-hour, managed to collect a large number of plastic bags and other discarded items.

However, they didn’t consign the litter to the garbage bins but instead made a sculpture out of them on the beach. Dominique used her creative mind to put together a Hawksbill Turtle, a critically endangered species, to drive home the point that this is the price we’ve to pay for littering our environment.

To drive home the point still further, Dominique began #projectlittercritter on Instagram. This hashtag has seen people around the world collect litter and create artwork, not only on the beaches but also on the public streets and parks. This hashtag has certainly created awareness and gave rise to cleanliness drives.

Blogger with a difference:

Dominique started her own blog to escape the drudgery of her old job. Initially aping a host of established blogs, she started out in her own style, doing what she liked the most, that is, taking pictures. People appreciated her style and her blog following grew. Since then, there has been no looking back. Her advice to beginners is to be themselves and to find their own niche.

Dominique’s photos never fail to impress and are artistic to the core. Since she was never good at art, the ‘artistic’ tag comes as a surprise to her. Despite being a full-time mom, she continues to churn out one photo after another, to the delight of her viewers, getting her inspiration from every conceivable source.

Making daughters a part of her work:

Dominique, a proud mom of Amelia, 10, and Penny, 3, never intended to make her daughters part of her work. According to her, it just happened, when they ‘slipped’ into her photos and stole the show! She was tempted to snap them when once she found them wearing a similar outfit and sporting the same hairstyles. The result obtained was both cute and hilarious. On a whim, she posted it on Instagram.

Says she, “The photo just blew up. The likes and followers went through the roof.” Of course, this prompted Dominique to become more adventurous and include herself with her daughters in her photos. The pictures of all three, dressed similarly, doing fun things are a visual delight.

Image Via: allthatisshe Instagram

Image Via: allthatisshe Instagram

Image Via: allthatisshe Instagram

Image Via: allthatisshe Instagram

Image Via: allthatisshe Instagram

Image Via: allthatisshe Instagram

Image Via: allthatisshe Instagram

Image Via: allthatisshe Instagram

Image Via: allthatisshe Instagram

Image Via: allthatisshe Instagram

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