Heinze Sánchez with his new buddy Enzo

This Man From Brazil Has The Best Reaction When He Catches A Dog Peeing On His Back

That was a normal day as usual for all of us. But there was something different on that day for this dog who got adopted for peeing on his future owner publicly. Yes, that’s strange but it actually happened. Heinze Sánchez from Rio de Janeiro was just browsing his phone when a stray dog peed on his back & as expected he reacted in an outrageous way. The moment was captured on a near surveillance camera. However, the story didn’t end here.

Watch The Viral Video Of Dog Peeing On A Man’s Back In Rio de Janeiro Below

Anyone would act the same way as Heinze but what he did next is something that most people won’t do. with no intention to hurt that dog & the guilt he was holding for hurting him, he came back to the same place searching for the dog. 

“I woke up this morning and went after the little dog who peed on my back. I tried to find out who owned it and I knew it was street,” he said in a Facebook status.

“I looked for him around the neighbourhood, asking if he had an owner,” Sanchez said to Globo.”When I found the dog, I called him and he came to me, wagging his tail,” he added.

Heinze Sánchez with his new buddy Enzo on the streets
Image Via: Heinze Sánchez

They both spend a great time playing together before Heinze decided to take him home. He names his new bud “Enzo”. “I gave him that name because I always said that when I had a child his name would be Enzo. And now, he’s with me, fed and clean,” he shared to Globo on the secret behind the dog’s name.

Now Here Is Enzo With A Clean & Peaceful Life

Heinze Sánchez new buddy Enzo eating
Image Via: Heinze Sánchez

Heinze Sánchez new buddy enzo sleeping peacefully
Image Via: Heinze Sánchez

Heinze Sánchez with his new buddy Enzo
Image Via: Heinze Sánchez

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