DARIUSTWIN: Capturing The Imagination Of Your Child (And Maybe Yours)

When Darren Pearson began experimenting with light painting, he never imagined it would lead to a world of wonder.

Creator, Darren Pearson, uses light painting to create his art and shares how he is able to use the camera to freeze a moment in time. There are many fun facts in this article and several interesting pictures of Darren’s work.

Darren Pearson is a light-painting artist from California whose stills and animations of light have been captivating online users. He is an avid photographer and artist who does light paintings. He uses LED pens to paint images on the wall or the floor. He makes a living doing night writing, that’s a more exciting way to put it!

On the off chance that it’s not evident yet Darren is a well-traveled rogue like myself. With extensive experience in traditional photography and transcendental meditation, Darren has transformed a hobby into a way of life.

When you’re exploring nature, sometimes you have to take time to notice the small things around you. That is what artist Darren Pearson ascribes to.

A gifted light painter, Pearson entered into this crazy world of light painting by self-inventing a LED pen to create the art. He had traveled a great deal to set up cameras and tripods, taking photographs on his own.

Darren Pearson – Exploring The Art of Light Painting

Darren and Jordan are an artist couple who have created a world of light painting called DARIUSTWIN. Their world is one of magic and wonder, where anything is possible with a little imagination and the right tools.

By using light painting photography as their canvas, Darren Pearson offers not only a unique product but an escape into an alternate reality in a time where we seek excitement and wonder throughout our hectic lives.

How do you do light painting?

Light painting is a fun and easy way to get creative with your camera.

Light painting requires using a long exposure setting to capture the path of a moving light source. To get good exposure, set the shutter speed on your camera to about 30 seconds. Start with an ISO setting of 100, and adjust the aperture to achieve your desired level of image sharpness.

Once you’ve got that set up, next you need to decide on your composition and how you want to illuminate your subject. There are countless ways to do this, so experiment until you find something that works for you! For example, if you want to create an abstract image with lots of movement, try using your flash or another small light source (like an LED flashlight) to draw shapes and lines in the air around your subject.

Darren and Jordan have found a way to take their passion for art and make it into a sustainable business. They are to be commended for working so hard while not compromising the quality of their artistic vision. It isn’t always easy to turn your passion into a steady paycheck, but they’ve done just that. Moreover, they’ve also managed to turn their light painting artwork into an effective advertising tool, which is truly exciting.

I highly recommend anyone who loves photography subscribe to Darren and Jordan’s YouTube channel, check out their storefront, and follow along on social media. They are constantly pushing envelopes in this industry and experimenting with light painting concepts I haven’t seen yet, and they’re always willing to share new ideas.


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