Danish Artist Creates Sculpture Of Hand Impressions On Clay As Memorial For His Departed Father

People mourn their dear departed ones in their own ways. However, Dan Stockholm, a Danish artist, mourned his father’s passing away in an entirely unique way. Immediately after his father’s passing in 2013, he went around his father’s home ‘methodically touching’ every inch of the house’s exterior for three straight days.

Thus, it was born Dan’s art exhibition the ‘House’ that includes a piece called ‘By Hand’. This features a collection of red clay bricks bearing multiple impressions of his cupped hands. What’s interesting about these is each slab reveals his hands in different degrees – some show both his cupped hands, while others display only the palm(s) or a few fingers.

For the ‘House’, Dan used plaster casts of his handprints. He took 12 impressions of his hands by pressing them on damp clay that he later dried and arranged into a low wall. This art installation is not only unique but is also a befitting memorial for his deceased father and a fond remembrance of his home. These memories live on through his simple brick creations.

Dan studied in Denmark and graduated in art from Funen Art Academy, Odense, Denmark. Although his ‘House’ gave him much recognition, he’s an accomplished artist in his own right, who has displayed his works in many solo and group exhibitions. Besides, he figures in many magazines – Magyar Lettre Internationale No. 100, Be Magazine, New Danish Art 2012, among others. He has also been invited for talks in various prestigious forums.

Since February 2013, Dan has been a sculpture teacher at Aarhus Kunsthøjskole/Byhøjskolen, Aarhus, Denmark. He had also been a visiting teacher at BGK Holstebro, Holstebro, Denmark.

Dan is a recipient of many honors and awards. He was nominated for the Berlin Art Prize 2015 and was a prize winner at Grosses Treffen Berlin, 2013, besides others.

Image Via: Dan Stockholm Website

Image Via: Dan Stockholm Website

Image Via: Dan Stockholm Website

Dan Stockholm: Website

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