Dan Hillier’s Incredible Black Ink Drawings are Based on Archaic Found Images

There’s something about the black line engravings of Dan Hillier that immediately catch attention. This amazing professional artist embodies the ‘Steampunk’ aesthetic, combining it with Victorian-era imagery, to produce his original ink drawings.

Hillier’s stunning images, rooted in the late-1800s imagery, are fantastical, to say the least. This is because he depicts human-animal hybrids that transgress reality to provide an unsettling effect on the viewer. His technique is to mix archaic imagery with his own imaginings and reproduce it on paper, using dip-nib pen and ink. It isn’t surprising that his works evoke a sense of wonderment.

To create these incredible ink drawings, Hillier first imagines his subject and then sifts through old books and illustrations to find something that links with it. He produces his artworks based on this association. This is why his illustrations have an unexpected outcome with a unique archaic flavor. To render it to paper, he either screen prints it or make ink drawings.

Hillier is a master of figurative drawings that combines various forms, such as human, animal, plant or even mineral. His human forms are a symbolic display of both human and non-human attributes that give a hint of ancient mythological beings, dream imagery, subconscious imaginings, religious symbolism, and much else, though not exactly depicting them. The surreal setting of his black and white artworks is quite mesmerizing. The reason why viewers seem to get immersed in its details.

Based in London, UK, Hillier’s works are displayed in many exhibitions and galleries, including his own, located in Walthamstow in London, UK. He has held solo and group shows at Saatchi Gallery in London, The Louvre in Paris, France, Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, England, and the Museum of Turin, Italy. He also represented Great Britain at the Giant Creator Show in Beijing, China.

Hillier has collaborated with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, The Folio Society publishers, a rock band called ‘Architects’ and the rock duo called ‘Royal Blood’. Besides, he has also created the opening titles of ‘Requiem’, the six-part drama produced by BBC1.

Hillier enjoys a viewership of over 123,000 followers on Instagram alone.

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