This Gifted Sculptor Creates Cute And Creepy Dolls That Are Unique

Cute has another name. It is called creepy cute! One look at the dolls of the creatures created by Anna, you’d know what we mean. Better known as Oso Polar, this Moscow-based Russian doll maker takes pleasure in creating the weird and the wonderful.

Basically,her figurines are made of clay. Her meticulous eye for detail sets her handmade clay figurines apart, what with two large expressive eyes that imbue these figurines with their own personality. Although most of her figurines are recognizable forest creatures, some are inanimate objects made ‘alive’ by affixing two eyes, while others simply leave us scratching our heads.

Anna uses clay and mixed material to create her figurines by hand. However, presently she is involved in creating small 3D-printed series of dolls. For this, she sculpts a master-model of an animal and gets a series of similar 3D copies. Using these as a base, she then transforms that animal into its variants, using different designs.

Anna is determined to make her sculpting thrive. She aims to start a toy factory in order to offer her dolls to both collectors and kids. Her goal remains to make her followers enjoy her work.

Being an animal rights’ activist, she wants people to share her work with others to make them sensitive towards animals, so that more people take care of animals.

If you want to be the proud owner of her handmade dolls, buy them online from her Etsy shop.

Image Via: Etsy

Image Via: Etsy

Image Via: Etsy

Image Via: Etsy

Image Via: Etsy

Image Via: Etsy

Image Via: Etsy

Image Via: Etsy

Image Via: Etsy

Image Via: Etsy

Buy These Creepy Dolls By Anna | Oso Polar

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