Creepy Video Shows Boy’s Reflection In The Mirror Moving Faster Than He Does

Imagine observing a child standing in front of a mirror making faces. And, as he turns to go, his reflection moves away faster than him! Frightening stuff, isn’t it? Well, this is what a video doing the rounds is showing.

The video was shot by the boy’s mother, Jolynn, a resident of San Antonio, Texas. When she later saw the video, it made her exclaim, “Is it just me or did his reflection walk away quicker than he did?”

The film shows the boy enjoying himself pulling faces and sticking his tongue out in front of the mirror. He soon loses interest and turns away. However, in the video, the boy’s reflection seems to step back from the mirror, while the boy does no such thing. The slow-motion film makes this even more evident.

Says Jolynn, “The more I watch this, the crazier it gets.” And she is not alone in this, people who are viewing this video in droves, with the latest count being over 100,000, cannot agree more. However, Jolynn says that this may be due to an illusion caused by the angle from which she was filming the boy and the mirror.

Via: Unilad

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