One-Line Artist Creates Sweet and Sensual Works of Art from a Single Continuous Line

Can you draw a face with a continuous line without lifting your pen or pencil? You can certainly draw the outline of the face and even the two ears on the sides, but making the eyes, nose, and lips without lifting the pen or pencil looks well-nigh impossible. Well, not to this amazing line artist, who identifies himself as Nasr on his Instagram page.

This Australian artist, who’s an architect by profession, does the impossible. His technique involves drawing a simple continuous line to create his subject without lifting his pen. This minimalist artist creates sweet and sensual line art that gives credence to the maxim ‘less is more’.

Nasr’s one-line creations are simple, yet convey the emotions and feelings contained in them. This comes as no surprise since this technique helps him express his feelings the best. It’s certainly wonderful to see the continuous lines intertwine with each other to form such beautiful works of art.

Nasr was always interested in art since childhood, but instead of pursuing it full-time, he chose the next best thing, he became an architect. However, his passion for becoming an artist remained and he became an illustrator. It was his constant search for a distinctive visual language, that’s recognizable and can be identified with, that led him to develop the artistic one-line technique.

Nasr’s line art is gaining attention on the internet. On Instagram alone, he enjoys a viewership of over 50,000 fans.


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