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Folded Paper Art Of This Incredible Artist Gains Instant Fame On Instagram

Paper is something you write on or use for making objects. But, here’s an artist who uses paper for both! If you’re wondering how this is possible, you just need to see his simplistic approach to folded paper art.

His name is Huskmitnavn and he excels in portraying the mundane through folded paper art that beautifully captures the special moments in one’s everyday life. His own personal life and that of the people surrounding him act as his inspiration that is so clearly conveyed through humour.

The good part about this Danish artist is he doesn’t confine himself to a single theme. He loves to experiment and seeks challenge in everything from the shape of the paper to the themes that range from local to global. What’s more, whatever he does people easily relate to.

Although Huskmitnavn has gained fame for his folded paper art, he doesn’t confine himself to it. He is constantly switching between murals, paintings, drawings, sculptures. Says he, “It fills up the holes. Coz if you’re only making big paintings and big murals, you’ve to have the right setting for it…so you need to be able to work on different things in order to fill up the holes.”

According to Huskmitnavn, if he doesn’t draw for three or four days he gets desperate. He jokingly attributes drawing as his purpose in life. This is because he’s genuinely passionate about what he does. Says he, “…the feeling when you get something you can print out or look at a drawing you just made, you can’t really beat that.” He not only creates his own art but loves to frame it too. This is when his product is complete!

With the kind of volume and the tight deadlines Huskmitnavn handles, he does feel pressured. But here too, he enjoys the pace. In fact, he needs that pace, because he doesn’t mull over ideas, but straightaway puts pen to paper and starts working on his ideas.

Huskmitnavn is particularly fond of his folded paper drawings. His inspiration came from his desire to break the monotony of the square piece of paper by doing things differently.

He explains, “…I began to wonder what if I just crumple it (paper) and draw a guy, so his shirt was all wrinkly. It was also about saving time – I don’t have to draw things that I can just do with the paper itself.” One look at his creations and you know that these ideas work much better than drawing!

Once Huskmitnavn started creating, one idea led to another to make his folded paper art such a hit. And he has his rules for this form of art. Scissors, tape and glue aren’t allowed, but folding the paper is. Also, only hands are allowed for keeping the artwork in shape. Blue tac can be used only while taking photos to keep it in place.

Huskmitnavn has made more than 300 folded paper artwork till date. However, fame came when he put them up on Instagram. Today, his work enjoys the attention of over 190,000 fans on Instagram.

Image Via: HuskMitNavn

Image Via: HuskMitNavn

Image Via: HuskMitNavn

Image Via: HuskMitNavn

Image Via: HuskMitNavn

Image Via: HuskMitNavn

Image Via: HuskMitNavn

Image Via: HuskMitNavn

Image Via: HuskMitNavn

Image Via: HuskMitNavn


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