The Work Of Christina Orthwein, A Sculptor From Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania

While teaching ceramics and photography at Bryn Athyn College, Christina Orthwein has expanded her creative repertoire to include sculpture. Her forms are constructed of clay, the materials she has worked with for over 20 years, and then finished in a variety of ways.

Christina Orthwein is an artist who creates incredible sculptures with clay. Her work is so detailed that it looks like a human being has come to life.

Orthwein is from Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, and she works in her home studio where she makes these detailed sculptures and teaches how to use clay as an art medium.

She is a spiritual person who believes in the “power of the ultimate.” When watching her process videos it seems like the clay has come alive in the form of humans.

After more than two decades of making pottery, tile, and jewelry, Orthwein is diving more deeply into the world of sculpture! She’s currently working on a series of life-sized figures that are composed entirely of clay: no wires or other supports are used at all! In addition to working in her home studio, she teaches ceramics and photography at Bryn Athyn College. The moment when the sculpture becomes leather-hard and all of its inner supports are removed become pure magic to watch—she’s able to reassemble it without any help from anything but herself!

Orthwein is a perfectionist with a passion for detail, which means that every sculpture she makes is incredibly lifelike. Her art is nothing short of mesmerizing—and it’s also spiritual!

Christina is an expert in sculpturing. She has done a great job to create sculptures. Her works are unique and amazing. It is clear that she has done great research before starting to make clay sculptures.

Getting the sculptures ready is really time-consuming and very detailed oriented. She works in her home studio where she also teaches other people how to use clay as an art medium.

Christina Orthwein

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