Ceramic Artist Sculpts Adorable Ghost Ceramics

If you’ve read comics of ‘Casper, the Friendly Ghost’, you’d know how loveable this ghost is. Years ago, it was most popular amongst comic book readers. The good news is Lisa Agnetun has recreated this friendly ghost. No, not as a comic book character, but as an adorable ceramic figure.

Agnetun, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, is an outstanding ceramic artist and sculptor, who loves sculpting porcelain figures of this loveable specter. Little wonder her little ghosts come across as adorable and mischievous apparitions that add beauty to wherever they’re displayed. It’s the simplicity of the creation that makes the popularity of these little phantoms even more surprising.

The ceramic ghost figures have asymmetric eye holes and ‘wear’ fabric that bunches at their feet. According to Agnetun in thisiscolossal.com, “They’re dead souls, and I think it’s a challenge to make them come alive. It also gives me great pleasure and even hopes to make this strong symbol of death into something playful and not scary at all.”

Although Agnetun’s ghost appears simple, the process of making it isn’t. She uses a variety of clays to create them, using a potters’ wheel. She then hand-sculpts them and adds the finer details. This done, she gives them either a thick coat of matte or a glossy finish or a cracking glaze. While to others, a final wax treatment or an ink wash, after firing.

What’s great about this ceramic sculptor is that she’s not limited to ghosts, but creates an array of porcelain pieces that include teapots, vases, LED-lamps, and other items. However, she has a special affinity for her ghosts. Says she, “The ghosts are the only pieces that stick with me. They’re all unique and keep evolving along with my other work, so there’s no chance for me to get bored with them.”

Lisa Agnetun

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