This Anonymous Street Artist Continues To Enthral The Public With His Unique ‘Stenciled’ Street Art

He’s called Banksy on his social media accounts, but no one knows who he really is. What’s known, though, is he’s a white male in his late 20s. Why he chose to remain anonymous is because graffiti is illegal. Remaining anonymous in this age is certainly a rare feat since everyone possessing any talent hanker …

This Beautiful Cosplayer Is Wowing The Crowd On The Internet With Her Amazing Props And Costumes

She’s pretty, but looks even prettier in her incredible costumes in which she poses, what with her Amazonian looks and a warrior attitude. Not for nothing, she claims to slay with her costumes! Her name is Sylvia, better known as Sylvia Slays on the internet, and she’s a former runway and hair model, who’s now …

This Vietnamese Is Countering The Plastic Menace By Making Biodegradable Straws From Wild Grass

We use them and throw them without care…it’s the plastic straws that we’re talking about. In the US alone, a staggering 500 million plastic straws are thrown each day. They, along with other discarded plastic items, find their way into the oceans and turn up inside the stomachs of dead whales, turtles, and other sea …

The Unique Bread Scoring Techniques Of This Self-Taught Baker Is Being Lapped Up By Baking Enthusiasts

She came from far off Moldovan capital city of Chișinău to the USA to pursue a doctorate degree in sociology, but her inherent baking talents turned her into an entirely new direction. Her name is Anna Gabur, a 29-year-old married woman, who’s not only an expert baker but also fluent in several languages.

This Illustrator Sketches Exact Replicas Of Buildings That Are Difficult To Distinguish From Their Photographs

This beautiful artist doesn’t need picture postcards of places she visits, she draws them herself by hand! She’s Velly Miller, born and raised in Moscow, Russia, who has an immense liking for illustrations, architecture, and travel. Her illustrations of monuments and buildings are so intricately detailed they are hard to distinguish from actual photographs.