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This Mother-Of-Two Is A Hit With Her Hilarious Quotes On Pregnancy And Womanhood

Mothers who’re expecting for the first time have to undergo a lot. Not only do the hormonal changes take their toll, but anxiety too wreaks havoc on the mind. The responsibility that comes along with motherhood can only be understood by a woman. Men can only sympathize, without realizing what their expectant partners actually go …

This Grandma Discovered Photography At 72 And At 89 She’s Holding Her Own Photo Exhibitions

If someone was to tell you that age is no bar when it comes to technology, you’d probably laugh. But, proving that it’s never too late to learn something technical is Kimiko Nishimoto, an 89-year-old Japanese Grandma. She took up photography in right earnest at the age of 72 and is going strong since then!

The ‘Infinity Mirror Room’ Created By This 89-Year-Old Japanese Art Legend Is Drawing Crowds In Droves

Yayoi Kusama is an 89-year-old Japanese artist, who continues to enthral the public with her novel creations that, at times, verge on the eccentric. Take her latest art installation for example. This intriguing piece at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York is simply titled ‘I Who Have Arrived in Heaven’, but the concept is …