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Artistic Pies Of This Woman Confectioner Are Making Online Viewers Crave For More

Do you know what happens to people who come from the families of phenomenal eaters? Well, they too become one! But, not Lauren Ko, who grew up in a family with huge appetites. She, instead, became an expert at baking and cooking. And she’s been doing this her whole life, simply because she loves art, …

Facial Illusions Created By This Self-Taught Makeup Artist Has Taken The Internet By Storm

Romanie-Jade Tulloch, a 19-year-old teen from Nottinghamshire, UK, will never need a face mask to attend a masquerade ball. Why? Because she is adept at painting her own face to look like a mask and much more! This truly great makeup artist paints such real images on her face that is simply amazing and, at …

This World-Renowned Sculptor Infuses Feelings In Her Ceramic And Bronze Animal Sculptures

It’s easy for most animal sculptors to exactly reproduce the features of animals they are sculpting. However, here is a sculptor, who not only creates their exact replica but also infuses their feelings in her sculptures. This outstanding artist is Nick Mackman, an award-winning sculptor, who holds expertise in both ceramic and bronze animal sculptures.