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Search-And-Find Book Of This Russian Illustrator Is Selling Like Hot Cakes

Tiurina Marija’s fascinating crowded scenes are enough to ignite the dullest minds. This artist and illustrator from Lithuania, who resides and works in London, UK, explains her work on her website, thus, “My main areas of creative focus are digital illustration and watercolor paintings. However, I also step outside those fields to play around with …

Russian Artist Magically Recreates Celebrities Into Her Favorite Disney Princesses

If there’s a term ‘tress master’, it’ll be completely appropriate for this amazing artist named Helen Morgun. This is because, this Russian artist is a lover of colorful hair and likes to imagine the present-day celebrities, mainly women celebrities, as her favorite princesses. And the way she paints them, beautiful tresses and all, is something …

Miniatures Created By This Los Angeles-based Artist Are So Realistic As To Seem The Real Thing

Mention miniatures and the name of Caroline McFarlane-Watts is certain to figure. So realistic and detailed are the miniatures of this miniaturist, sculptor, and writer that they got her a break in the art department of Harry Potter at Leavesden Studios to help create a miniature scale model of Hogsmeade village.