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Visual Artist Uses Everyday Objects To Create Incredible Works Of Art

Whether it’s garlic cloves, flowers, locks, pencil sharpeners or even pencil shavings, nothing escapes this wonderful visual artist in using them in her illustrations to create something incredible. Meet Noelia Medina Navarro, based in Tomelloso, Spain, who is amazingly creative with everyday objects.

The Mesmerizing Mandala-Like Art Of This Artist Continues To Delight One And All

Here’s an artist who mesmerizes you with her mandala-like configurations in delightfully vibrant colors. This unique art form is what makes her unique in the art world. She is Jen Stark, who graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2005 with a bachelor of fine arts, majoring in fibers and a minor in animation.

This Artist Preserves Pregnancy For Posterity By Belly Casting

Well, your baby bump has finally started showing and you’re well on the way to motherhood. Despite the problem associated with pregnancy, every woman wants to treasure these nine months and preserve memories of this condition forever. The most convenient way is to make a photo album and cherish the images. But these are just …

This Photographer Celebrates Life By Depicting Different Ways To Die An Unnatural Death In Public Places

Stephanie Leigh Rose is certainly fascinated by death, for why in the world would she take all the trouble to pose in grotesque poses that a person can die in. And for the viewers, this is certainly no laughing matter. It actually makes us shudder to think of the possibilities of lying dead in any …

This Beautiful Cosplayer Is Wowing The Crowd On The Internet With Her Amazing Props And Costumes

She’s pretty, but looks even prettier in her incredible costumes in which she poses, what with her Amazonian looks and a warrior attitude. Not for nothing, she claims to slay with her costumes! Her name is Sylvia, better known as Sylvia Slays on the internet, and she’s a former runway and hair model, who’s now …

The Unique Bread Scoring Techniques Of This Self-Taught Baker Is Being Lapped Up By Baking Enthusiasts

She came from far off Moldovan capital city of Chișinău to the USA to pursue a doctorate degree in sociology, but her inherent baking talents turned her into an entirely new direction. Her name is Anna Gabur, a 29-year-old married woman, who’s not only an expert baker but also fluent in several languages.

This Illustrator Sketches Exact Replicas Of Buildings That Are Difficult To Distinguish From Their Photographs

This beautiful artist doesn’t need picture postcards of places she visits, she draws them herself by hand! She’s Velly Miller, born and raised in Moscow, Russia, who has an immense liking for illustrations, architecture, and travel. Her illustrations of monuments and buildings are so intricately detailed they are hard to distinguish from actual photographs.