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These Beautiful Resin Jewelry are Inspired from Nature and they are both Unique and Beautiful

You must’ve heard about people working from home, but here’s a jewelry designer, who makes every piece of jewelry not on her working desk at home, but on her kitchen table! And it’s not conventional jewelry that she makes, but one made of resin. Meet Paula of Resity Shop, who creates this incredible jewelry.

Jeweler Showcases Animal World In All Its Glory Via Her Animal Jewelry

Pendants, rings, earrings, etc. in the form of animals have been around since a long time. However, Jenny Topoloski’s jewelry of insects and animals takes one back to the days of yore, what with its old-world charm. This is what has catapulted this 36-year-old, based in Manhattan, New York, USA, to fame. The exquisite pieces …

Model Turned Blogger Is Wowing Fashionistas On Social Media With Cosplays, Showcasing Fashion And Beauty Brand s

It’s certainly doesn’t seem normal for a young 21-year-old budding model to switch her career focus midway. But this is exactly what Gina Box has done. Instead of continuing to walk the ramp as a model, that she’d been doing from her teenage days, she ventured into fashion blogging. It’s not that she wasn’t successful …

Emmanuella Moureaux’s Vibrant Colors Infuse Emotions In Her Fascinating Installations

What can you say of an artist, who declares on her website “I use colors as three-dimensional elements, like layers, in order to create spaces, not as a finishing touch applied to surfaces?” Certainly, an out-of-the-box thinker. Meet Emmanuella Moureaux, a French architect, who resides in Tokyo, Japan.

Fun Cutouts In “Travel Photographs” By Ana Stretcu Makes Them Oh-So-Adorable

How do you immortalize your trips and travels? Take lots of photographs of places you visit and preserve them in an album or on your laptop, that’s how. Well, Ana Stretcu goes one further, she first makes them memorable by superimposing the photo with the cutouts of her and her boyfriend, instead of posing in …

This Dot Artist Entrances Her Viewers By Amazing Mandala Dot Painting Patterns On Stones

If you put all the pieces of her work together, they’d seem like an enchanting colorful coral forest! Such is the beauty that Lina West infuses in each of her creations. This Ukrainian-born artist, now based in California, US, is adept at putting gorgeous fractal patterns on stones to create her beautiful mandala art.