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Plant-Based Preparations Of This Culinary Expert Is A Boon For Vegans And The Health Conscious

In the current times of addictive junk foods and unhealthy products, Mei Yee’s plant-based preparations come as a great alternative. Her tempting creations are displayed on her website – nmmeiyee.com. These wholesome preparations include breakfast, main and side dishes, healthy desserts and beverages.

Solid, Life-Size Metal Sculptures, Made From Machinery Parts, Seem To Possess A Soul Of Their Own

It has to be a sheer genius to translate the intricacies and delicate details of natural forms and structures into metal while retaining the same delicacy and fineness. This scientific illustrator turned metal sculptor, does exactly that. She’s Penny Hardy, a British artist, who has a way to breathe life into metal.

South African Miniature Artist Finds International Fame Through Her Work ‘365 Paintings For Ants’

How many details can you put in a miniature painting? If you say very little, you’d be dead wrong. Lorraine Loots is one outstanding miniature artist who is enthralling the world by her most detailed miniature paintings. Not for nothing she enjoys a following of over 290,000 fans on her Instagram account alone. This South …

Adventure Cartoonist Shifts Focus From Adventure To Tackling One’s Inner Demons

Lucy Bellwood, an adventure cartoonist, remains an adventure-lover at heart, the reason why she penned ‘Baggywrinkles: A Lubber’s Guide to Life at Sea’, where she describes living and working on an 18th Century replica sailing vessel. She went on to write about rafting through the Grand Canyon, crossing the Pacific on an oceanographic research voyage, …