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Cabinet Maker Builds Custom Birdhouses That Are Architectural Marvels

Mention birdhouse and most people think of it as a box with a slanting roof resting on wooden walls with a hole on one side. Well, this used to be the conventional form of a birdhouse, but not anymore. This is because the revolutionary designs of Sourgrassbuilt birdhouses have turned the conventional birdhouses on their […]

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Golster Canary Mimics Beatles’ Hairstyle To Become A Social Media Sensation

If you remember the Beatles during their heydays, you’d certainly find an uncanny resemblance between their signature haircut and that of this adorable Gloster canary, called Barry. The Beatles’ haircut sported by Barry is impossible to miss! Little wonder Barry introduces himself on his Instagram page as: “I’m the birb with the fringe!”

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Needle Felting Artist Creates Cute Animals That Appear Unbelievably Realistic

If you love animals and their young ones, you’d surely love the felted creations of Tatiana Barakova. She’s a master at making tiny animal baby toys and her needle felting portraits are among the cutest creations that you can lay your eyes on.

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This Glass Blower Enshrines Your Departed Pet’s Ashes In Glass To Immortalize Your Pet

If you’ve ever had a pet, you’ll be no stranger to the pain of losing your cuddly furry friend. Well, Davenport Memorial Glass now makes it possible to immortalize your dear departed pet in glass to immortalize your pet.

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Thai Café Owner Attracts Customers With Her Corgi Dogs – All 12 Of Them

What does a dog lover do, if she has 12 adorable Corgis? Well, instead of feeding them through her own pocket, open a café and charge the customers to feed them, making it a win-win situation for both!

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Japanese Artists Uses Felted Wool To Create Amazingly Realistic Cat Portraits

You may have seen or heard about the trophy heads of wild animals, such as tigers, elephants, deer and the like that used to be embalmed and mounted on a shield as a display in the living rooms of colonial Britishers. These were real wild animals killed for their heads and much else. However, what […]