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Dog With 12-Inch Snout Is Aiming For The World Record

A dog with an incredible 12.2-inch snout is certainly odd, but naming it Eris, the Greek Goddess of strife and discord, and calling it ‘Madam Eris Overbite, Queen of Snoots’ is certainly an overkill!

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Lipstick Artist Creates Celebrity Portraits By Applying Painted Lips On Canvas

It’s much less scandalous than lipstick on the collar, since Alexis Fraser, a Toronto, Canada-based artist, believes in putting her painted lips to the canvas instead! She calls her ingenious technique ‘kiss print pointillism’.

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Cabinet Maker Builds Custom Birdhouses That Are Architectural Marvels

Mention birdhouse and most people think of it as a box with a slanting roof resting on wooden walls with a hole on one side. Well, this used to be the conventional form of a birdhouse, but not anymore. This is because the revolutionary designs of Sourgrassbuilt birdhouses have turned the conventional birdhouses on their […]

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This Non-Profit Organization Helps Preserve Bat Species In Queensland, Australia

With Coronavirus pandemic being linked to bats, it certainly comes as a surprise that there’s an organization in Australia, called Bats QLD or Bats Queensland, that rescues and rehabilitates bats! And they’ve their reasons for doing so.

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A Tiny Bush Baby Scurrying On A Dominant Gorilla’s Fur Surprises All

If you think only humans are capable of giving love to the members of other species, you may want to review your opinion after seeing what this Western Lowland Gorilla was seen doing. Although such cases are not isolated, it is still a rarity among primates.

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Dying Father Accompany Daughter Down The Aisle On A Stretcher

Besides being bedridden for a year 65-year-old Pedro Villarin from the Philippines escorts daughter on her wedding day on a stretcher. He was so weak that it was impossible for him to ‘walk” down the aisle on a wheelchair but he was able to accompany her in an ambulance stretcher. 65-year-old Pedro fighting terminal liver cancer […]

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98-Year-Old Mother Provides Loving Care To Her 80-Year-Old Son By Checking Into His Care Home

For a mother, there is none more precious than her child and she can go to any length to see him or her in comfort and safety. But, a mum who is all of 98 years herself, moving into a care home where her 80-year-old son resides to look after him is really something out […]

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Woman Gets Gorilla Interested By Showing Videos Of Baby Gorillas

This is the story of a woman, madly in love with animals, and a gorilla, who loves to watch pics and videos. Lindsey Costello, a military trainee, is a diehard animal lover and wanted to keep a pet while undergoing training. But, the strict rules of the training facility do not permit its students to […]

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Meet Hoshi & Zen A Perfect Duo Made For Each Other

God works in wondrous ways, whether it is humans or animals. If He takes away something, he compensates too. Such was the case of an American Eskimo dog, named Hoshi, who was 11 years old when he had both his eyes removed due to a painful eye disease, glaucoma, that made him stone blind. It […]

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McDonald’s Bids Adieu To Worker With Down’s Syndrome After 33 Years Of Loyal Service

A period of 33 years is good enough for anybody to serve an organization. But someone serving it with Down’s syndrome for such a long period is certainly newsworthy. And Daniel Lybrink did make news by his loyal service to McDonald for 33 long years. Daniel of Howell, Michigan, is afflicted with Down’s syndrome that […]


Man Hides Engagement Ring In Girlfriend’s Necklace To Pop The Question At An Opportune Time

You really have to hand over to people’s creativity, when it comes to popping the question to their would-be brides. What Terry, an Australian, had in mind was certainly original. When he fell head over heels for Anna, his girlfriend, he had already made up his mind to marry her. But, he just didn’t want […]