This Polish Artist With No Arms Earns Fame Sketching Stunning Portraits

Inspirational stories of people with handicaps and debilitating conditions, who distinguished themselves in their chosen fields by overcoming their disabilities, do the rounds regularly. Mariusz Kędzierski is one such individual who was born without arms but overcame this handicap to become an artist who is currently making waves on the internet.

Dying Father Accompany Daughter Down The Aisle On A Stretcher

Besides being bedridden for a year 65-year-old Pedro Villarin from the Philippines escorts daughter on her wedding day on a stretcher. He was so weak that it was impossible for him to ‘walk” down the aisle on a wheelchair but he was able to accompany her in an ambulance stretcher. 65-year-old Pedro fighting terminal liver cancer …

This ‘Man Of The Forest’ Puts In 39 Years Of Tireless Work To Prevent The World’s Largest River Island From Disappearing

You know what you can do about the problem of deforestation in the world, contact Jadhav ‘Molai’ Peyang, the ‘Forest Man of India’! Yes, this man from Mishing tribe, a factory worker in Jorhat, Assam, is an environmental activist to the core. Jadhav’s claim to fame is greening Majuli, the largest river island in the …