This Super-Mom,Having A Finger In Every Pie, Admirably Balances Her Work And Family

This mom wears many hats. When she’s not creating art out of the litter found strewn around, she’s posing with her daughters wearing matching dresses, making faces and doing fun things together! And when she’s not doing these, she’s speaking at PI live or writing her blog, where she’s dubbed as ‘mommy influencer’.

Dying Father Accompany Daughter Down The Aisle On A Stretcher

Besides being bedridden for a year 65-year-old Pedro Villarin from the Philippines escorts daughter on her wedding day on a stretcher. He was so weak that it was impossible for him to ‘walk” down the aisle on a wheelchair but he was able to accompany her in an ambulance stretcher. 65-year-old Pedro fighting terminal liver cancer …

This Ace Photographer And Photoshop Expert Makes His Kids Pose For Shoots To Create Mind Blowing Pictures

When you get bored of your profession, what do you do? You either search for a new job or try and make your job interesting. John Wilhelm, an ace photographer, chose the latter by thinking out of the box and letting his creative juices flow unabated. He has been rightly given the sobriquet of ‘photoholic’! …