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AI Called GauGAN Can Turn Doodles Into Photorealistic Masterpieces

Ever heard of NVIDIA? Well, NVIDIA Corporation is a Santa Clara, California, US-based graphics and mobile processors company that’s known worldwide for its advanced technologies. The evidence of its technological expertise is GauGAN, a new and powerful artificial intelligence (AI). The name has been inspired by the post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin.

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LEGO Technic Bricks Used For Building A Functional Bugatti Chiron – A Feat That Remains Unmatched

LEGO, the Danish toy company, has proved that its LEGO bricks are not only for building toys, but also for building cars that work. They proved this by creating not just any small car, but a Bugatti Chiron no less, complete with engine and all. This was their way of introducing LEGO Technic.

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Vietnam’s Golden Bridge On The Ba Na Hills Is Attracting International Tourists In Droves

Vietnam is the last country in which you would expect to see any engineering marvels. However, this country has turned this impression on its head by building a bridge that has not only become the talk of the town in the country but has also made international travellers and tourists sit up and take note. […]

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World’s Tallest Man-Made Waterfall Cascades Down A High-Rise In China

“If city dwellers can’t go for sightseeing trips to waterfalls, bring waterfalls into the city for them to see and enjoy!” This must have been the thought behind this spectacular feat of constructing an artificial waterfall that hurtles down a high-rise building. This feat has not only catapulted Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou province […]

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Dubai ‘Frames’ Itself In The Iconic Dubai Frame

As if Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the iconic 829.8-meter (2,722-foot) structure – the tallest in the world, was not enough, the city has come out with another gigantic marvel. This time it is the Dubai Frame.

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15 Most Awesome Bridges

When it comes to engineering feats, bridges take the pride of place. Bridges have had a long history, even long before the invention of tools or discovery of metals. In those times, bridges were mainly built to cross on foot. However, as civilization progressed, so did the scale and design to the bridges.