Paper Sculptor Creates Incredible Real-Looking Birds And Butterflies From Bits Of Paper

Lisa Lloyd’s bird and butterfly paper sculptures are so spectacular and life-like that they can easily compete with the real-life ones. Such is her fascination with this form of sculpting that she doesn’t mind the backbreaking job of gluing together thousands of small pieces of paper. The first step in Lloyd’s sculpting is to make …

Embroidery Artist Handcrafts Life-Like Giant Fabric Butterflies And Moths From Fabrics And Threads

If you put the two together, it’ll be difficult to spot the real one. We’re talking about comparing the real butterflies and moths with the ones created by Yumi Okita. The only giveaway will probably be the larger size of her creations, as some of these winged specimens can reach up to almost a foot …

Creative Mexican Photographer, Graphic Designer And Digital Artist Works On Big International Brands

If you’ve ever seen and marveled at the creative advertisements in photography magazines, such as “A” Design, Retouched Magazine, Digital Camera, DOCMA, Digital Photo, Good Light, and others, this may very well be the handiwork of Felix Hernandez, a Mexican photographer, graphic designer, and digital artist.

Plant-Based Preparations Of This Culinary Expert Is A Boon For Vegans And The Health Conscious

In the current times of addictive junk foods and unhealthy products, Mei Yee’s plant-based preparations come as a great alternative. Her tempting creations are displayed on her website – These wholesome preparations include breakfast, main and side dishes, healthy desserts and beverages.

Danish Artist Creates Sculpture Of Hand Impressions On Clay As Memorial For His Departed Father

People mourn their dear departed ones in their own ways. However, Dan Stockholm, a Danish artist, mourned his father’s passing away in an entirely unique way. Immediately after his father’s passing in 2013, he went around his father’s home ‘methodically touching’ every inch of the house’s exterior for three straight days.

Artist Provides A Pixilated View of The Berlin Wall Via Hand-Embroidery On Photographs To Let Viewers Peek On The Other Side

Depicting a former wall on actual site photographs with hand-embroidery is what makes Diane Meyer’s creations so interesting. Sample her series ‘Berlin’, where she has embroidered no less than 43 photographs. The hand-embroidery on the photographs follow the entire 104-mile (167-kilometers) of the Berlin Wall. In these, she overlays pedestrians, walls and forests with meticulous …