Cosplaying With Cardboard Cut-Outs This Cute Dog Is Winning The Hearts With Hilarious Depictions

You must have seen cosplay with costumes of different materials, but here’s a Japanese dog owner, who uses cardboard as the ‘dress’ material for her cute Chihuahua-mametaro. Semba, the dog owner, is wowing the internet with her unique and hilarious cardboard cut-outs that her cute dog readily ‘dons’.

This Ace Photographer And Photoshop Expert Makes His Kids Pose For Shoots To Create Mind Blowing Pictures

When you get bored of your profession, what do you do? You either search for a new job or try and make your job interesting. John Wilhelm, an ace photographer, chose the latter by thinking out of the box and letting his creative juices flow unabated. He has been rightly given the sobriquet of ‘photoholic’! …