Bee Influencer Is First In The World To Raise Funds For Honeybee Preservation Using Delightful Bee Photos

In present times, when messages for social causes are being bombarded all the time by all means possible, it’s certainly difficult to make one’s message stand out from the clutter. It’s hats off to B. – yes, that’s what he likes to be called – to have taken up the cudgels for the preservation of …

Jeweler Showcases Animal World In All Its Glory Via Her Animal Jewelry

Pendants, rings, earrings, etc. in the form of animals have been around since a long time. However, Jenny Topoloski’s jewelry of insects and animals takes one back to the days of yore, what with its old-world charm. This is what has catapulted this 36-year-old, based in Manhattan, New York, USA, to fame. The exquisite pieces …

Cosplaying With Cardboard Cut-Outs This Cute Dog Is Winning The Hearts With Hilarious Depictions

You must have seen cosplay with costumes of different materials, but here’s a Japanese dog owner, who uses cardboard as the ‘dress’ material for her cute Chihuahua-mametaro. Semba, the dog owner, is wowing the internet with her unique and hilarious cardboard cut-outs that her cute dog readily ‘dons’.