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Cabinet Maker Builds Custom Birdhouses That Are Architectural Marvels

Mention birdhouse and most people think of it as a box with a slanting roof resting on wooden walls with a hole on one side. Well, this used to be the conventional form of a birdhouse, but not anymore. This is because the revolutionary designs of Sourgrassbuilt birdhouses have turned the conventional birdhouses on their […]

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Crochet Expert’s Adorable Micro Crochet Animals Are Oh-So-Adorable!

Crochet is a difficult craft, but making micro crochet toys is downright tough as tough can be! So, what NansyOops – she goes by that name – does on such a micro-scale appears an impossible feat. Micro crocheting or knitting small, stuffed yarn creatures is basically a Japanese art called Amigurumi.

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Delicious-Looking Ice Cream Tulips Are A Sight For Sore Eyes For The Hungry!

If you’ve got a green thumb and are into gardening, there’s every chance you’re familiar with one of the most beautiful and delicate flowers in the world…yes, the tulip. There are about 100 species of this flower, which are native to Eurasia from where they’ve spread to many other countries of the world.

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Thai Café Owner Attracts Customers With Her Corgi Dogs – All 12 Of Them

What does a dog lover do, if she has 12 adorable Corgis? Well, instead of feeding them through her own pocket, open a café and charge the customers to feed them, making it a win-win situation for both!

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This Photographer Is Wowing The Crowd With Scene Creations Using Miniature Superhero Figurines

Every toy tells a story. This is what this innovative photographer is out to prove. He’s Radiansyah Sukmana, who goes by the name @agamdadam on Instagram, and he takes toys and makes them come alive!

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This Swiss Animal Lover Left A Well-Paying Job And Easy Life To Be With African Wild Animals

People adore wild animals and love them, but here’s an animal lover, who has made it his mission to bring animals into people’s hearts. And it’s really unbelievable what he did to realize his dream.

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Cuddle Clones Immortalizes Your Pet Dog By Creating A Furry Stuffed Creature In Its Exact Image

The idea of Cuddle Clones was born when Jennifer Williams was sleeping, cuddling Rufus, her pet Harlequin Great Dane. This dog had unique markings that she simply adored. It suddenly struck her as to what will she do, if her dog was to pass away.

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This Dressed-Up Mini Dachshund Makes Waves On The Social Media

There is no doubt that the Dachshund breed of dogs is real clowns, what with their crazy antics. However, the mini variety of this breed is even more so. This has been proved beyond any doubt by the hilarious, and at the same time adorable, pictures of Schmitt, the mini Dachshund that is making waves […]

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Plasticine Miniatures Of This Incredible Polymer Clay Sculptor Are A Rage On The Internet

There will be hardly anyone who hasn’t played with plasticine as a kid. Yes, with the so-called polymer clay. And KleineKnetwelt is no exception.

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A Tiny Bush Baby Scurrying On A Dominant Gorilla’s Fur Surprises All

If you think only humans are capable of giving love to the members of other species, you may want to review your opinion after seeing what this Western Lowland Gorilla was seen doing. Although such cases are not isolated, it is still a rarity among primates.

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Miniature Food Items Created By This Japanese Miniature Artist Look Ready To Eat

If you’ve seen one miniature work, you’ve seen ‘em all. Right? Wrong! The meticulous way in which this amazing artist goes about her job is something really marvellous. Her name is Tomoko Misumi and she belongs to Fukuoka, Japan. She’s a miniature artist and her specialization is crafting bento boxes in such details that it […]