Incredible Human-like Face Of This Cat Gives One The Creeps

We love cute faces of dogs and cats but it really freaks us out if their face resembles that of a human. This is exactly the case with Valkyrie, a two-month-old Maine Coon kitten that figured on her breeder’s website.

Image: catsvillcounty

This cat has an incredible likeness to a human face and when she appeared on the internet it had everyone spooked! All this started when Valkyrie’s video was shared on her breeder’s @catsvillcounty Instagram account, and this resemblance became a source of amazement.

Image: catsvillcounty

It is certainly Valkyrie’ssad, haunting eyes that makes her face and her varied expressions so humanlike. This not only makes one full of admiration but a bit unsettled too.

Valkyrie, now adopted by a family who probably was not sure whether they were adopting a cat or a child, was offered on the breeder’s website You can still find her picture from her younger days and that uncanny human likeness on the website.

Image: catsvillcounty

The website also offers other cats and kittens from its rich collection in its cattery. But, nothing like Valkyrie is available for adoption or probably ever will be!

It will certainly be fun to watch when Valkyrie meets Yogi, the dog with a human face. They will, in all probability, not only become best friends but may start talking in human lingo too!

Although initially, the original Valkyrie’s video could garner only 6,000 likes, a repost from LadBible attracted more than 9.1 million views and counting!

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