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The Amazing Fruit And Vegetable Sculptures Of This Master Sculptor Are A Treat To Watch

As if Nature’s incredible creations were not enough, comes this sculptor who strives to improve upon Mother Nature! Meet Vincenzo Scuruchi, a self-taught sculptor, who revels in creating amazing sculptures out of fruits and vegetables, using fruit carving techniques.

One look at Scuruchi’s sculptures and you know you’re looking at a master sculptor. Like a magician, he turns ginger into a lovely flower, watermelon into a snakehead, pumpkin into Frankenstein, zucchini into devil’s face, and many suchlike creations. It’s a treat to watch him scoop out a vegetable or a fruit and carve it, using a sharp knife. By and by, the fruit or vegetable gets transformed into an incredibly detailed figure.

“I started carving in 2014, initially only fruits and vegetables, then also avocado pits and finally eggshells,” Scuruchi Told AwesomeByte. “I learned by myself I am completely self-taught. I love to sculpt and carve fruits and vegetables. I like everything that’s creative. I enjoy instilling a passion for sculpture and fruit carving. It’s not important whether it’s marble, wood or a vegetable, because a sculpture is a sculpture regardless of material.”

On asking about his best works Mr. Vincenzo Scuruchi Told “for eggs certainly my favorite is the first job when I realized that I could only draw by scratching the cuticle, and this is it.”

From his younger days, Scuruchi had creativity running in his veins. It was in 2014 that he had the opportunity to witness pumpkin carving during an event. He was absolutely fascinated by it and it led him to try his hand on fruits and vegetables.

Scuruchi, presently based in Rome, Italy, is inspired by pop culture. Being an ardent fan of cinema, especially art films, he loves to carve out iconic characters from the movies. For him, his childhood comic superheroes are his inspiration, because they tie him to his great childhood days.

This trained psychologist continues to perfect his sculpting technique. His popularity grew manifold when he started showcasing his carving expertise on social media. It’s not surprising that he enjoys a following of almost 150,000 fans on Instagram alone.

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