Canadian Artist Creates Stunning Ceramic Pieces

Lesley Wellington came into her own in the field of art, when she realized she has the strongest connection with ceramics. This happily married mother of three had tried her hand in different forms of art before she found her first love in ceramics.

Lesley’s cute ceramic mugs and other pieces are no less than collectors’ items and can brighten up any home. And the variety she offers is simply mind-boggling. Her cute ceramic pots, mugs, vases, diffuser pods, miniature figurines, and other ceramic pieces, are stunningly beautiful and come in vibrant colors. She hand-brushes them using an assortment of glazes to create unique hues.

Lesley’s material for creating her ceramic pieces ranges from terracotta earthenware to speckled stoneware. However, it is her artistic eye that infuses them with their own special personalities. This she achieves by her stringent ceramic processing and by maintaining strict control on purity, composition, and microstructure. The method she adopts includes raw material processing; forming; sintering, that is, firing; and finishing, that is painting, densification and sizing, heat treatment for hardening and strengthening. Lesley hopes to explore more hand-building and sculptural techniques in her work.

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Lesley shares her passion on the page, “I love clay. It’s a companion, therapist, and teacher all in one, and for that, I’m deeply grateful. I put so much love into every piece I create and hope it comes through to you all.” Little wonder her cute ceramic planters and other items sell like hot cakes on her Etsy shop.

Lesley Wellington

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