Australian Sculptor Turns Jewelry Designer and Creates Stunning Jewelry

It is rare to find a sculptor turn to something as delicate as jewelry designing. This is exactly what Bronwyn Berman has done. From being a sculptor and a public artist and studio artist, she is now delving into jewelry designing.

As a sculptor, this Australian artist had installed a major public work, titled ‘Renewal of Spirit’ at the corner of the Bellevue Road and New South Head Road, Double Bay in New South Wales, Australia. She was the one selected amongst several artists to landmark the revitalization of the Double Bay Business Center. She crafted this public work from high-quality stainless steel, which gives the work a jewel-like quality that resonates with the beauty and style of the local community. It took three years to complete.

However, Berman felt a need for change from creating gigantic sculptures to something more delicate. This opportunity came to her when her friend, who was an eminent jeweler died, and his partner passed on all of the semi-precious stones, pearls, and silver of this jeweler to her. This ignited her creative mind and pushed her to try her hand at jewelry designing.

Berman took up jewelry-making in the right earnest and has been making pieces from semi-precious stones of exquisite beauty, which has earned her all-around appreciation. She explains her work on, thus, “My work explores the recurring signs and symbols that are embedded in the deep collective consciousness….” Through her art, she explores the simplest and most basic themes of the recurring mysteries that form the foundation of our human experience.

However, jewelry-making is a passing phase for Berman. She aims to continue it till the time she does her Ph.D. and once she is finished, she will get back to making sculptures and public art. We can only hope she doesn’t leave jewelry designing entirely.

Bronwyn Berman

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