The Unique Bread Scoring Techniques Of This Self-Taught Baker Is Being Lapped Up By Baking Enthusiasts

She came from far off Moldovan capital city of Chișinău to the USA to pursue a doctorate degree in sociology, but her inherent baking talents turned her into an entirely new direction. Her name is Anna Gabur, a 29-year-old married woman, who’s not only an expert baker but also fluent in several languages.

It all started in 2016 when Anna came across a cookbook, simply titled ‘Cooked’, written by Michael Pollan. The baking recipes in the book acted as an inspiration for her. It reawakened her dormant desire to bake. And it was her sheer talent that not only made her an expert baker but took her baking to the next level.

Anna’s natural baking talent did not require her to undergo training under anyone. She’s completely self-taught in her art of baking. Says she, “I’m self-taught with the virtual help from some amazing bakers from the Instagram community.”

In baking, her field of expertise is sourdough, high hydration bread, and she bakes it exclusively. What sets this expert baker apart from the rest is her unique bread scoring style. She has invented bread scoring techniques that make use of thread and blade to score some beautiful lacy designs on bread. Putting this technique into practice is what motivates her to continue.

Anna’s bread scoring techniques are no secret. In fact, she invites all who want to learn them to her online courses. And people do queue up to learn them. Such has been the response to these courses that she now boasts of training many bakers from all over the world in the use of this technique.

An established baker sums up Anna’s baking course, thus, “I’ve never seen such an ingenious method for doing something so intricate on a bread crust. When you’re finished with the course, you’ll be able to stun your family and friends with beautifully scored bread. Her method is fun and easily learned.”

So, why not enroll in her various online baking courses and get trained in her unique technique. You’ll not only be learning new techniques but will also be helping Anna and her husband in meeting their living expenses.Anna Gabur

Anna Gabur

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