Brazilian Artist Uses Natural Materials to Create Stunning Dresses

It is always a wonder to see how artists use different kinds of materials in their creations. But here is an artist whose materials and designs are really mind-blowing. Meet Melissa Meier, who describes herself as a multidisciplinary artist, who combines sculpture, collage, found objects, and photography in her art.

Natural Materials ignite her ‘naturalistic wonder’ and drive her creative process

Meier confesses that the beauty of organic materials constantly inspires her. Their color, texture, pattern, and shape ignite her ‘naturalistic wonder’ and drive her creative process. She shares on, “Whether I’m working with grains of rice, stalks of lavender, or pine cones, I find each and every construction to be uniquely moving. It’s as if I become a part of the material….” Of course, her aim is to impart this same sense of wonder to her viewers to enable them to view familiar natural objects in unfamiliar natural ways.

This Brazilian artist, who was brought up in Brazil and spent most of her childhood there, was always interested in art. Once she graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, USA, with a BA degree, she started her career in art in New York City.

“Failure is just part of the process”

Meier always wanted to try something unique in her field and hit upon the idea of creating dresses with different materials. However, it was an arduous task and she faced many failures. She admits on, “To me, risk-taking is everything in art – you can’t make art without taking risks.” She adds, “Not being afraid to fail is the driver behind all that I do; failure is just part of the process.”

However, Meier’s persistence paid off and, today, her unique creations have won her global acclaim. She has not only exhibited her work in various cities in the USA but has also been chosen by Sotheby’s for their Young International Artists group show and auction in Tel Aviv, Vienna, and Chicago. Her latest work, titled ‘Skins’, uses natural elements, such as egg shells, feathers, fur, leaves, pinecones, scales, sea shells, sponges, and stones.

Meier credits her success to the support, love, and encouragement of her husband, Fred Macdonald.

Melissa Meier

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