This Artist Expresses Artistic Ideas Through His Unique Dot-Art

The different forms of art never cease to surprise. Here’s one artist Brandon Rollin, who’s making a name for himself with his dot-art. This artist from Colorado, USA, uses thousands of colorful dots to create intricate dot paintings. The simple nature of dots is what fascinates him the most and motivates him to create aesthetically appealing dot-art.

It’s really a wonder to see bold and 3D Brandon Rollin dots being created by dipping the entire brush in paint. Rollins uses these colorful globs in his art by placing them artistically to form his trademark scaled mathematical patterns. Such is his love for the dots that he has used millions of them in his art.

Rollin has established his studio in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado. His love for dots began at a young age of 18 when he was presented his first Didgeridoo, a simple musical wind instrument of indigenous Australians. The visual art displayed on the instrument combined with its deep resonating sound inspired him to pursue this form of art.

Rollin’s first step was to create such instruments out of PVC pipe and paint them with dot patterns. Over time, he honed his painting skills and took up creating dots of all sizes and hues in a big way. This fueled his passion for dots that, according to him, are simple by nature, but can be used to create intricate and beautiful patterns. He has been at it for the last 14 years.

What eggs Rollins on is the idea of creating something that no one has seen before. And Brandon Rollin dot-art offers endless possibilities, limited only by his imagination. He gets totally involved in his art since he loves taking the tiny steps to create dot-art from start to finish.

In an interview to, Rollins says, “As an artist, I paint what I want to see, and what I want to see are images that don’t exist in the natural world.” For him, the process of dot-art is akin to meditation that puts him in a meditative state. Every piece that he creates is a profound experience for him.

Rollins has evolved from painting didgeridoos to wood carvings, where he expresses himself with his own unique designs. His dot-art has such neat patterns of different colors that one is left wondering what kind of paint does Brandon Rollin use? His dot-art pieces can be ordered from Brandon Rollin shop.

Brandon Rollin: Website | Instagram

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