Braids Created By German Teenage Hairstylist Are Truly Sensational

Most teenage girls are crazy about hairstyles and copy them from various sources. However, Milena Diekmann, a 17-year-old German, doesn’t need to copy hairstyles from anywhere, she’s blessed with a rare talent of inventing her own hairstyles that are simply mesmerizing. What’s more, she never took any training in creating them and is completely self-taught.

This gifted stylist offers an enviable range of bewitching hairstyles to choose from, such as basket weaving, crocheted and knit patterns, even ones resembling macramé, and many more. It’s her magic hands that make the tresses turn into dazzling patterns. Her nimble hands turn long locks into artistic compositions and make hair resemble bamboo or honeysuckle baskets. Two of her favorite braiding styles are ‘scissors waterfall braids’ and ‘basket weave braids’.

Milena got introduced to hairstyling with her own long hair. With this mane at her disposal, she started creating hairstyles, starting with easier ones and then graduating to complex ones. Simple braiding soon turned into more complex and unusual styles, as she started experimenting. Eventually, she developed super-intricate techniques that helped her achieve incredible hairstyles. Her studio is her own bedroom!

Milena shared her beginnings with, “I started by watching YouTube videos and practicing hairstyles on myself. I’ve been doing hairstyles for years but I learned most of the (braiding) techniques last year. The hairstyles take me about one hour, but it depends on the hairstyle. My favorite is the ‘crisscross basket weave braid’.” Rightly so, this braid has collected over 20,000 likes!

This gifted teenager has chosen not to keep her art to herself and regularly posts her hairstyle tutorials on YouTube. She demonstrates her braiding skills using wigs, which she then dons herself. So good are her tutorials that some of them have garnered over 200,000 views.

Of course, Milena’s dream is to become famous. She’d love to do the hair of celebrities or become a wedding stylist to make the brides’ special day, extra special with amazing hairstyles. According to her, there is much hard work involved in this. She spends hours struggling to get the inspiration for something new on a daily basis. To find a teenager with such enthusiasm and patience to accomplish what she’s passionate about is rare indeed.

Milena is active on social media and on Instagram alone she has over 43,000 fans. We certainly hope that this bubbly teenager continues to express her passion through her breathtaking hairstyle designs.

Milena Diekmann

Instagram | Youtube Tutorials

All Images Are Used With Permission From Milena

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