Artist Boubou Can Paint with Whatever He Can Lay His Hands-On

What tools does an artist use? Brushes and palettes, you’d say. But, do you know that Boubou Niang, who uses the sobriquet of Boubou Design, can paint with whatever he can lay his hands on & Not only this, but he can also draw with his eyes closed or standing behind the canvas!

This Senegalese from Dakar, Senegal, is not only original in his approach to painting but is also perfect in his craft. His art would’ve never have come into notice of the public had it not been for the internet. His works were first seen on social networks that immediately caught the attention of lovers of art.

Boubou is extraordinarily gifted. He only needs a glimpse of the face to be able to reproduce it with amazing accuracy, using any object he can lay his hands on. And it’s his portraits of celebrities that not only got him maximum fame but also made these celebrities his ardent fans.

One of Boubou’s sensational creations was the painting of the American actor The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), which he created by soaking a dumbbell in paint and drawing with it! So impressed was the actor that he went right ahead to share this masterpiece with others on social media. This video received over 12 million views on Instagram. As it is, Boubou’s Instagram fan following has grown to around 855,000.

Other celebrities that Boubou has created include Beyoncé whom he made using a shoe. He also paid homage to Eritrean-born rapper Nipsey Hussle by creating his portrait with a cap. Nipsey was recently killed during a shootout in Los Angles. One of his recent works is the portrait of Steve Jobs, founder of the Apple brand, that he created using, what else, an iPhone!

The artist continues to surprise his fans, who wait to see what he uses next to create his masterpieces.

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