Bobby White Luxury Jewelry for the Rich and Famous

Bobby White Luxury Jewelry for the Rich and Famous

Bobby White jewelry has become a status symbol for the rich and famous around the globe. And why not? Bobby White’s unmatched craftsmanship and exceptional traditional skills in creating exotic jewelry pieces are what sets him apart from the rest.

This London-based jewelry designer and maker possess a flair and passion for design. This is evident in each and every piece of his fine jewelry that is both dramatic and technically complex. He is a specialist in diamond jewelry and has created a modern-day London luxury jewelry brand along with his brother Tommy White. It comes as no surprise that he caters to the who’s who in the celebrity world.

White first exposure to jewelry as a child was when his dad bought jewelry from a friend, who dealt in beautifully designed jewels. This ignited a desire in him to design jewelry. Since he was not too interested in studies, he opted to become an apprentice in a jewelry company. As he learned the trade, he longed to design his own pieces. As luck would have it, the company he worked for went bankrupt offering him an opportunity to buy out the business.

Luxury Jewelry Pieces By Bobby White

White’s risk of buying the company paid off. Even though he was just 21 at the time, he started building his business in the right earnest. He correctly judged the need for designing luxury jewelry and started wooing private and high-profile customers. It was his creativity that won him rich and famous customers. He eliminated the middlemen and began selling directly to clients to keep the costs low.

Another step White took was to invest in equipment, such as laser machines, that obviates the need for outsourcing, thereby saving both time and money. He explains on, “It also allows us to have more freedom and focus on designing rather than waiting for someone to do something on a piece.” He adds, “We always strive for perfection and this is key to having unique designs and creating your own vision.”

White offers a variety of jewelry pieces on his website that include pendants, chains, bracelets, rings, and earrings. His clients show a special affinity towards Bobby White rings among other items. He also does a lot of handmade jewelry in silver, plated with black rhodium and rose gold rhodium.

In addition, he also has his own television show ‘Million Pound Jewelers’ which aired on UK’s national television station Channel 4. Little wonder he has over 83,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Bobby White

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