This Skilful French Embroidery Artist Weaves Threads On Fabric On Hoop Into Amazing Hairdos

If you’ve ever tried your hand at making different kinds of hairdos, you’d know how difficult it is. This is why what this embroidery artist does is simply jaw-dropping. Her name is Bernita Broderie, a French resident, who is getting popular for her one-of-a-kind hand embroidered art.

Bernita creates incredible miniature 3D coiffures with threads on cotton fabric. A challenging feat indeed that she accomplishes just with the help an embroidery needle. Those indulging in embroidery, do experiment with thread on fabrics and come up with intricately colorful landscapes, 3D embroideries that jump off the hoop and much else. However, this is all too common.

What Bernita does with her unique embroidery coiffures is something unique. She captures her subject so realistically that her 3D life-like hairdos, with authentic hair colors, have to be seen to be believed. Little wonder it’s making people sit up and take notice.

Bernita creates by hand and uses cotton threads and beads that she stitches into the raw cotton fabric on the hoop. Her focus remains only on the hair of her subject, so their faces are turned away. The neck and torsos of the subjects are also outlined in the thread and are usually in whites. This contrast brings the hairdo much more in focus.

It’s certainly a wonder to realize how intricately Bernita weaves the long tresses into different hairstyles. You’ll find cascading hair transposed into many kinds of fashionable hairdos in varying shades of browns and blacks. Not only this, but she also arranges realistic-looking plaits and decorates them with floral arrangements.

In some of her works Bernita is more detailed and uses floral motifs to fill in the details of the whole image. Here too her choice of vibrant colors is simply amazing. Anyone interested in collecting these amazing embroidery creations can see them on her Instagram page and purchase her works from the Etsy store.

Bernita Broderie

Instagram | Etsy

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