Time-Lapse Technology Captures The Sheer Beauty Of Flower Carpet Comprising A Million Begonias

When people were eagerly looking forward to the biennial event of Flower Carpet 2020 in Belgium, after the 2018 event, came the news of its cancellation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This event is traditionally held at the center square of the Grand-Place in Brussels, Belgium.

However, it’s thanks to the Berlin-based filmmaker Joerg Daiber of Spoon Film, who revived the 2018 Flower Carpet event based on the theme of Mexico. He captured the laying of the flowers by volunteers in a short time-lapse video. For this, he introduced a tilt-shift effect in his video, which displays the volunteers, spectators, and surrounding architecture as miniatures.

In a talk with PetaPixel, he said, “The film was shot from three buildings around the Grand Place in Brussels, but most of the shots were taken from the 90-meter-high tower of the Brussels Town Hall.”

Incidentally, the Flower Carpet event was started in 1971 by a landscape architect E Stautemans. Although irregularly followed until 1986, it became a biennial feature after that. Different themes are adopted every two years to compose the Flower Carpet. The past themes included 18th Century French designs, the First President of the European Union, Colors of Africa, and many others. The 2018 Flower Carpet event featured cultural elements of Guanajuato, Mexico.
For this event, 120 volunteers gathered near the Grand-Place in Brussels in the central square and laid flowers in an area of 253 feet (77 meters) by 79 feet (24 meters). They used a million begonias. Incidentally, Belgium is the largest producer of begonias in the world. To fully represent Mexico, they also used dahlias, which is that country’s national flower. The volunteers completed the laying of flowers in less than four hours! The flowers lasted for four days before wilting. 

Via: colossal

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