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Beautiful Semi-Submerged Sculptural Installation Aims At Global Environmental Awareness

Aquariums and terrariums are common, but have you ever heard of Coralarium? Well, this is a new concept from Jason deCaires Taylor, a sculptor and an artist. He has meticulously put together this beautiful aquatic stainless-steel cube, he calls Coralarium, with a variety of sculptures adorning it and placed it off a large developed coral lagoon in the Maldives.

This semi-submerged cube is so positioned as to enable both humans and marine animals to interact with the sculptures that extend from over the water to the seabed. The sculpted figures are as fascinating. They merge human, plant and coral shapes and imitate those found in the surrounding reefs. Some sculptures are installed on the top of the cube in sitting and standing positions as well.

This open-air cube is about 20 feet (6 meters) tall that allows access to tidal water and marine life. The design of this cube is based on natural coral found in the coastal sea around. In fact, this cube provides refuge to the marine animals from the ocean’s currents.

The Coralarium is 500 feet (150 meters) from the island and visitors need to traverse this distance on shallow waters to reach it. It has become an instant tourist attraction and group tours are regularly organized, led by marine biologists.

Taylor’s aim in creating Coralarium is to highlight the current heightened climate of global environmental issues. It aims to raise awareness about the health of the environment.

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Image Via: Jason deCaires Taylor

Image Via: Jason deCaires Taylor

Image Via: Jason deCaires Taylor

Image Via: Jason deCaires Taylor

Image Via: Jason deCaires Taylor

Image Via: Jason deCaires Taylor

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