Man Realizes His Wife’s Dream Of Growing A Garden After Her Death

Shahjahan, the Mughal Emperor of India, built the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Such was his undying love that he expressed it by erecting this mammoth white marble monument.

Love for one’s partner can be eternal, but the way to grieve her loss may differ. This was emphatically displayed by a man from South Texas, who was ‘Oh so in love’ with his wife of seven years till death did them apart. During their long relationship, they both shared a single dream and that of planting a garden together.

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With his wife’s death due to her failure to come out of a coma, the man was left heartbroken. He was slowly slipping into depression. Whether it was his wife’s spirit guiding him or his own determination, the man resolved to come out of depression and fulfill the dream of planting a beautiful garden in his wife’s honor.

However, it was easier said than done. With almost no knowledge of preparing a garden or the implements and resources required for it, it became a big problem to realize this dream. Thankfully, the man pored over hundreds of gardening websites through google search and gained invaluable knowledge of laying a garden. 

He planted his first flower and began to cultivate his garden through trial and error. In this, he received vital inputs from established gardeners and landscapers regarding various aspects of gardening, such as type of soil, plants, etc.

The man’s untiring efforts in making his garden grow started attracting attention and encouraged even strangers to stop by and check on its progress. The man, though happy with all the attention bestowed on his garden, still wanted to further improve his garden.

It so happened that one day a stranger passed by his garden and saw a few succulents growing there. Incidentally, this stranger was also grieving the passing away of his son, who was the director of a botanical garden. The stranger had taken upon himself to give away the plants from his son’s greenhouse to someone who would care for them.

When the stranger saw this keen gardener, he decided to offer some plants to him. Every night the stranger would take the plants from his son’s greenhouse and leave it at the widower’s garden.Every morning the man would find some new plants in his garden, left behind by the stranger.This act formed a special bond between the two, who were together grieving the deaths of their loved ones.

It was not surprising that the man started calling the stranger his ‘plant fairy’, as he would discover beautiful and exotic new plants every morning in his garden. This stranger together with some kindhearted people not only enriched his garden, but also lifted him out of his depression.

It goes without saying that the man’s wife looking down from heaven would have felt at peace at her husband’s endeavor in giving form to their shared dream of planting a garden.

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