Artist Uses Banana Peel as a Canvas to Create Banana Peel Art

Imagine the scenario, you’re self-isolated due to suspected Covid-19 and getting thoroughly bored with all the time on your hands and inching towards depression. Most people in such a situation will either sleep, watch movies on television or browse the net to ward off depression. However, Anna Chojnicka, who was in such a situation, thought of doing something constructive. She started creating stunning banana peel artworks.

With banana peel as her canvas, Anna did not require any paints, but a simple blunt end of a pin or comb to etch on it. She made use of oxidation that a banana peel undergoes over time. The bruises made by a pin on the light-colored peel turn dark as time goes by, revealing the figures and designs etched on it.

Anna reveals on, “…After a week (of self-isolation due to coronavirus) and beginning to go stir crazy, I started to doodle on a banana. I noticed that when you press on a banana peel, it goes dark, and so, using the end of a comb, I began to make banana art!”

However, this is not as easy as it sounds, since Anna has to first etch her drawing on the banana peel with the blunt end of a pin or a comb, allow the design to darken, and then proceed with the rest of her artwork. This is certainly a tedious, time-consuming process, but great for those with enough time on their hands. The only drawback…this art cannot be preserved for posterity.

Banana Bruiser

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